Monday, March 16, 2015

Plank floors

 I wanted to show the floors we are installing in our house...

Our carpets out just gross! After 4 kids and 3 dogs they have seen better days. We were going to do the diy plank plywood wood floors that everyone is posting about on Pinterest. Which we have actually done in our bathroom and painted them white.

 But I really wanted real wide plank floors! We search everywhere for wood that was affordable. We found some at a near by lumber yard.. Old barn siding found 160+ boards 16 feet long and 11-12 inches wide. A amazing friend drove his semi truck to get it all with us. :) 

My husband is planing all of them cause even though they are great they need some work 

This project is going to be pretty time consuming but will be so beautiful ad can't wait till its done.
I'm working on stains now and trying, vinegar and steal wool, ashes, normal stain.... You name it I'm trying to get that perfect look. I will keep yall posted on the progress :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our napa trip

For our 12th anniversary we decided to use our 2 night stay in napa, we had been given by my parents. We stayed at a amazing inn. We asked our close friends Chris and lana to come with us on our trip and they said yes! YAY! We had such a great time and will forever have these wonderful memories of exploring Napa, Yountville, St Helena.

Lana is a fashion blogger over at thepinkthread
and a stunning subject to photograph. so i brought my camera along to capture her and our journey. My amazing husband who is NOT a fan of pictures humored us and let us take pictures of him the whole time. Which i told him could just be my annv gift :) i LOVE pictures haha. and thank you chris and for taking our pictures :) 

We pretty much ate and looked at pretty places the entire time! It was like a food tour :) we ate at OxBow market, Bouchon, Redd woods, Oenotri (our fav), Oakville grocery co, and more. I was able to find lots of yummy gluten free things, which made me and my tummy thrilled. 

My mom let us take her car while she had our mini van ;). So we drove the BMW all around and even got to put the top down in feb. (with the heat blowing full blast mind you ;) haha) Lana and i had our scarves over our heads haha. we listened to wonderful music as we drove through the beautiful wine country. 

These are mostly pictures with my camera but also some fun ones with my phone. hope you enjoy are wonderful journey in pictures :) 

(the place we stayed)

(the view from our room)

(our breakfast served in our room)

(oxbow market)

(downtown napa)

(bouchon bakery)

 (oakville grocery co)

(Our picnic there)

(driving to look at vineyards)

(yummy food)

(all the mustard was in bloom)

(the boys waiting for us while we take pictures hehe) 

(this picture just makes me laugh! trying to be sneaky going in the vineyard ha) 

(me laughing at my hilarious husband)

(lots of laughing going on) (our photog's)

Happy 12 years babe! i love you more and more each day. i love you forever!