Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Schools back!!! so crazy how fast summer went. Judah and diego were very excited for it to start though. Judah said, "mom i thought it would never come." lol I love that he loves school! diego was a little scared though. He is in kindergarten now and he was very nervous about math. he would say, "i dont know how to do math mom." so i informed him that he is not really supposed to know how yet, thats why he is going to school :)
I was asking them while we were driving to school what they were most excited about.  Judah raised his hand yelling MATH!! He did not get that from me lol. and diego yelled out RECESS!! Now that, he got from me. ;) Well my favorite was really any chance i had to eat something ;) 

So i have been kinda emotinal the last week about the kids going back to school and had already cried the day before school and got a little misty eyed dropping them off.  I love my kids being home as crazy as it gets around here i love it and wouldnt trade it for the world! here are a few pictures of there boys first day
posing was all them!

 my sweet diego

 my sweet judah
 Yes i bought my kid acid wash skinny jeans! ha

Now my baby girl is starting preschool two days a week so her first day was today. She has been asking for weeks now when does she get to go to her school. She was so excited that it was finally here!
so last night as i tucked her in and sang her to sleep i was drinking in ever moment with my little girl, she is growing so fast. i dont want to let her go! but i know she will love ever min of it. 

So because it was bellas first day i needed all three kids in a picture together. so i drug the kids out and took some more with them all before we left :)

 isabella waking up still ;)

 "TEETH SMILES PLEASE"...ok mom!  lol
"look mom a flower"

 The hands a color-er :)
 yup the cutest for the cutest :)
 Im ready mom!
isabella peeking in her classroom door  :)
 she went right to work :)

 hehe working so hard :)

Saying goodbye to her was kinda hard an weird but i actually didnt cry (i think i got it all out already lol) so proud of her she did so good.

I love watching my kids grow and learn and become who they are meant to be. Even though it is a little bit bittersweet and hard letting go... I love what my parents say about raising kids. how every age just gets better and better! YES even those teenage years. :) (man im blessed to have my mom and dad:) ) After all,  I have been given the BEST role in life!

Monday, August 15, 2011

camping fun

We are back from camping. it was a blast! Now i love all things camping, from dirt to camp fires to even peeing out side ;).  

i was driving the van while the hubs drove the truck... the kids opened up the mashmellows and started early :)

the things i dont want to leave with out! pack-n-play first-aid and jumper :)

and yup the first aid came in handy as always. in fact so much i had only three band-aids left lol

my very dirty feet lol

my very dirty kids :)

me and cruz ready for the lake
 so cute isabella loves her brothers!

our group of friends

 our CaMP

feeding the deer!

Today we went on a walk with a couple of my nieces that are spending the night. so i snapped a few shots with a lens baby. (trying it out) :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

yup still alive :)

so yes we are still alive and having a fun summer! it been very full and fun! i cnat believe in just a couple weeks its back to school! Im kinda ready but really do like when my kids are home. i am very ready to start getting furniture done around here!!  

We leave tomorrow for our yearly camping trip. So im running around trying to get things all ready and squared away. we go food shopping in a couple hours and im making the list now :) We go with a big group of people and its a blast! i will post pictures and such when we get back. 

ill leave you with a few pictures :)