Monday, December 5, 2011

deck the halls part 3 the kitchen

Sorry about the few days it took me to get this up.... this weekend flew by!!  Here is my kitchen decorated for christmas. i think it might be my favorite part of the house. hope you enjoy as much as i do :) 

whats really neat about this nativity is my grandpa and grandma Johnson got these for all us grands from mexico but when they got home ours was missing the baby Jesus. so my grandpa molded the baby out of clay and then my grandma painted it. it very special to me excecialy since my grandpa Johnson is in heaven now.


here is our entry too. :)


Thursday, December 1, 2011

deck the halls part 2 the office

SO next is the office and couple pictures of some other Christmas decorations around the house :) 

I had found this great idea on pinterest for filling bulbs with twine and buttons, i also used coffee beans and shredded up music :) 
Then i put this awesome lace i have been saving  for this. i found at a yard sale for 7 bucks! 

(we also finally got our chandelier hung yippee!)

but i still needed more for the tree so i got small pine cones and tide twin to them. Went out side and finished getting all the hydrangeas of my bushes and put them all over the tree :) 
i love it and am so happy with how it turned out. 

I also saw bunting on pinterest where they painted on burlap and loved it. so i made some for all over the house :)

* first i cut out the triangles 

*then i hot glued them to the twine 

*then i painted on the triangles 
(sorry bad phone picture) 

here is my wonderful messy work space ;) at least i have one though hehe

i then took the back end of a small paint brush and painted the letters on. :)

i hung the peace one above our stockings in the living room (i need to get Gabe and i new stockings i only have the kids ones up)

 The garland! that was a hunt to get. my arms were so scrapped up from cutting through black berry bushes to get to it. but oh was it worth it :) i have a few kinds, pine, cedar, and redwood. i love them all :) 

I first was using wire to tie it up but then found that twine was way easier! :) 

 I also made a vintage Santa bunting with some twine and flash cards and hot glue :) this is actually my first time ever decorating with Santa's.

 hope you enjoy and have a most blessed day! :)