Monday, March 16, 2015

Plank floors

 I wanted to show the floors we are installing in our house...

Our carpets out just gross! After 4 kids and 3 dogs they have seen better days. We were going to do the diy plank plywood wood floors that everyone is posting about on Pinterest. Which we have actually done in our bathroom and painted them white.

 But I really wanted real wide plank floors! We search everywhere for wood that was affordable. We found some at a near by lumber yard.. Old barn siding found 160+ boards 16 feet long and 11-12 inches wide. A amazing friend drove his semi truck to get it all with us. :) 

My husband is planing all of them cause even though they are great they need some work 

This project is going to be pretty time consuming but will be so beautiful ad can't wait till its done.
I'm working on stains now and trying, vinegar and steal wool, ashes, normal stain.... You name it I'm trying to get that perfect look. I will keep yall posted on the progress :)