Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paint spraying booth

So For christmas i got some great stuff. I got a paint sprayer cause i am over my head in furniture needing to be painted! lol i do still love painting by hand but for when i need mass amounts done and chairs this is going to be great! 
Well we have been (mostly the hubs) on a cleaning the garage kick and put bunches of stuff up in the attic and made some room for a paint booth. The only thing is i wanted it to be able to go away with out having to take a big booth down and then where would i put the torn down booth? SOOO we came up with this and about 7 hours later it was up. here are the steps to making this paint booth. 

heres the before space

you will need 
*4 pieces of wood the length you want your booth. our is 8x7
*4 pvc pipes (thin ones)

*Plastic sheeting thick at least 3.5 mil (whatever lengths you need) 

*8 bike hooks 

*2mil plastic for the ceiling (it doesn't need to be thick unless you want it to be) 

Cut your wood the length you need 
then staple to the ceiling plastic to the top part of one strip of wood

then measure where you want it on the ceiling. the pieces of wood we got were super curved so we put the first nail in (with my new nail gun :) ) then kept measuring before putting the next nail to make sure it was straight. If that makes sense. this will take two people and two ladders haha 

now pull the plastic tight. a little tip you will need to put a little piece of duct tape over where you will staple so it doesn't rip 

then onto the next strip of wood do the same thing measure and square of then pull the plastic tight and nail away! the the fun part. hehe i like power tools! 

 do the same for all sides measuring and squaring as you go. also i wish we had a stud finder!! ugh it took forever! lol 

trim off extra plastic.

cut the plastic next and cut it a little wider than the wood so it can be folded over and clamped to ensure  no paint leaking out.
its much easier to cut the plastic when its rolled up still, lucky ours only needed to be cut for the width cause it was already the right height. 

then cut the pvc pipe to the right length. we then used gorilla duct tape to atach it to the bottom of the plastic so when the walls of the booth hang down the pvc is on the bottom. we taped it twice so that the pvc pipe was covered all the way by tape and touching the plastic.

we then taped the top of the plastic so that when we staple it to the strip of wood it wouldn't tear.

now staple all four sides up.

then drill two holes about a foot and a half in and screw the hooks in 

finish this on all sides and then roll the plastic wall up and hang on the hooks. 

and here it is all put away.

after you drop all the sides i just took plan old cloth pins and folded the edges together and clipped it.
 i left one edge open so once im in i clip it closed.

here it is down and ready for paint to start :)

(ignore the mess i was in a hurry and couldn't put away my crap stuff  hehe) 
(notice those AMAZING antique army infirmary iron beds! i love them!)



Christine Rhee said...

WOOT WOOT!!! looks great!!

Tracie said...

Yay! I recognize those beds and a bench. Can't wait to see what you do with them! Have fun! Power tools are the best!

Andrea said...

Wow,how brilliant is that! Love this idea. Now all I need is a paint sprayer and some furniture to paint!

Jane Gomez said...

Wow that's one complex set up! I've been considering spraying the beams in my house silver, tacky I know, but it will go with the theme I'm trying to create. In my experience, silver emulsion is absolutely awful so I've been getting some plasti kote paint from UK Tool Centre to try and counteract it. Any advice on sanding and priming of oak for spray?

Denver - Paint said...

Hey! That’s great! I liked your idea…

Anonymous said...

That's a nice booth! No fan though? I know you've got a respirator but an exhaust fan would complete everything.

Elcometer 500 said...

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