Thursday, June 14, 2012

From old to New...dinning room table

So my style has a made a drastic change from when we first got married. it had always been rustic but way more Mediterranean. Now, well you can see its not so Mediterranean. I still think that style is great but just doesn't fit me anymore :)
 Well when we got married 11 years ago we got our table from Pier one and spent a pretty penny on it. well that and the 8 chairs we got to fit our big family one day. We lived in a tiny apartment and made it fit where ever we went through the 11 years :) but even though we made it fit in our house's it was not fitting in our style anymore. So i had found our other dinning room table for 25 bucks and made that work. All the while keeping our old table in the garage.
 Well we have 4 kids and that smaller table was not working anymore. SOO i got up the courage to redo THE table. i went back and fourth on what i should do and after some trial a error, finally settling on good old faithful white lol. So here is the how to of our table.
Keep in mind i need to finish the chairs still but just haven't gotten to it yet and didn't want to wait anymore to share it with y'all :)

*First my wonderful hubby sanded down the heavily waxed top (yay cause im not a fan of doing that)
He used a heavy grit first then a fine grit to smooth it out. 

* then i did the vinegar treatment on it. I probably did at least 5 coats on it letting it dry in between. 

*then it was time to paint the bottom. this was the trail and error part lol.
i first painted some blackish grey on a few spots i wanted to show through and then put Vaseline on a few spots so when i painted over it and then distress the piece it looks more chipped in the areas where the paint didn't adhere.

*so we wanted to do a kinda grey so i mixed a few paints together. i mainly use chalk paint now but i had some flat latex paint left so i made a kinda chalk paint using flat paint, some blue chalk paint and adding black milk paint powder to tint and make it stick more like chalk paint, it worked but i did not like the blue color it turned out to be for this piece

* i didn't like it so much that i don't have a picture to show ha. but the great thing about paint is you can just paint over it and then there are even more layers :) which i love. so i then used old white chalk paint to paint on over it. i always water down my chalk paint a bit i like it to be thinner to work with. 

 *Now to distress it i used a scrapper and sandpaper or block or sander.
I love how the two colors show through now. see mistakes can be a good thing :)

I chose not to wax the bottom of this piece since i love the worn look and don't mind if it gets more worn ;) 

* i then 3 coats of pure pure mineral oil on the table 

*I wanted to to be sealed more so i got the wax out put a couple coats on it.

and finally after lots of layers and hard work as all tables are its finished :) 
hope you enjoy the picture (with some of the dinning room too)

This is our first house in weaverville ca with the table in the back... the only before one i could find ha

and just a funny one of Isabella... mom stop now!! 
dont you guys love my dirty floors too ;) you cant win em all hehe

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