Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well it has been action packed around here!  None stop pretty much since school got out. We have been having a blast though. I have had no time to do furniture but i thought i would show some of what we have been up too. 

cruz turned ONE

The boys got done with baseball and got there trophies :)

Lots of trampoline fun! 

We found out one of our three chickens is a rooster lol so we said good bye to him and gave him to our friends who dont live in a neighborhood :)

I went to Massachusetts to do my cousins wedding with my mom, cruz my aunt dalra and grandma and grandpa . it was so fun! this is the 250 year old church they got married in!

cruz and i swimming at the hotel 
and cruz and i up late with the time change haha
Having fun at the house boat!

we got to go to a friends house this last week, katie  and jeremy riddle. they are living my dream! ;) but for now at least we get to visit them and there many animals :) what great friends! 
we got to milk a goat ( and took some milk much better than store bought) 
 visit the chickens (they are the ones who took our rooster off our hands :)

rope swing! man was i dizzy after this lol

this picture just make me laugh lol

Now my home town of Weaverville CA tucked away up in the mountians really
knows how to do the 4th of july! 
we camp out at a friends house and take a group of friends. 
we do fire works on the nigth of the 3rd the at 6 am on the 4th do a anvil firing then 6:30 do the pancake breakfast. then on to my favorite coffee shop the red house (even though i dont drink it) 
then off to the parade and craft fair :) 
this small town of 3500 people about doubles in size on the 4th of july. its one of my favorite holidays. 
 we had a great 4th! 

and one more picture just for giggles 
my boys tan lines and its only the beginning of july haha

SO..... for now that pile gets to wait a little bit cause im having fun with my family well and its 106 out ;)