Tuesday, February 7, 2012

annie sloan chalk paint dresser.

So one of the big perks about having a blog and a huge circle of friends that know you love redoing things is when they have furniture they want to get ride of.. they call you :) With this next piece i got a message on facebook saying the dresser needed to be gone by that night so if i wanted it, come on by. Well of course i hopped in my van and loaded it up. 
Its a solid wood maple dresser. It really was in great shape just some scratches on top.... super heavy! i had large bruises on my legs from moving it lol.


step 1
take hard ware off :)

step 2
tape it 

step 3
put striper on the top of the dresser according to the directions on container 

step 4
i mixed up annie sloan chalk paint old white and a little water 

step 5 
first coat of paint.
now i wanted this paint job to be a messy one, not smooth. it was a fun one to paint because of that i just slopped it on there :) and look at the fun little hand print my one year old left for me lol. 

step 6
by the time i got the first coat on it was time to scrape the top of the dresser 

step 7
paint another coat on there real messy like 

step 8
i sanded down the top of the dresser and im sure some of the dust got on the drying paint but i didnt mind. remember im going to a very messy look :) 

step 9 
after the sec coat dries i got out the crackle paint.. now a big tip for using crackle paint is not putting it all over. i put it only on little areas of the dresser. follow the crackle paint instructions...

step 10 
after it dries paint another coat of white over top of the crackle. only go over it once other wise it is a messy look and not in a good way! 

step 11
after you have let it dry. it doesnt take real long. its time for the fun part! distressing time. i use heavy sand paper, light sand paper, scrapers, tape and pretty much anything you think would ding it up :) (i use the tape to pull some of the paint off, it kinda looks like its chipped)

step 12 
tape around the top of the dresser so you can stain and wax the top.

step 13
stain the wood on top. i use a dark stain by minwax. i wipe it on with a rag. 

step 14
then i use a dark soft wax by annie sloan... then buff it out after 15 plus mins 

step 15
 now wax all of the painted parts with a soft wax i used a clear one with no stain in it. I also buff it out right away working a 20by20 area. 

and there ya have it just put the hardware back on and your done! :) 

Here it is (sorry the room has no natural light so they are not the best lit pictures)


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness Leah! My mom would be so happy to know you made it so beautiful!!! After you left she said "I really like that girl!" :)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is awesome! i love the finish and LOVE that rustic wood top! and i love this song- half acre. :)

Samara said...

Oh my goodness, that looks amazing!I never would have thought of doing a tall boy like that... We really need to get some of this Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Australia, would make my life a whole lot easier :P

Angela Meijer said...

Thanks for the tutorial on what to use to get this look. I'll be looking with different eyes next time I go to the Goodwill. :-)

ChristyA said...

Wow, stunning! The aging looks amazing and so natural. Much cheaper than going to Pottery Barn and just as beautiful! :o) Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all of your awesome ideas!! I have two pieces of furniture from the 50s-60s with what I think is horrid veneer, and now that my kids are visiting family for two weeks I have time to paint!
I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but wasn't sure how. And your blog has been super helpful with figuring it out.
I miss you guys a ton. I need to get back out to California soon!

Misti @ Living On Cypress Hill said...

I love this!! It looks great!! I've never used the crackle paint before, but I want to at some point.