Sunday, September 30, 2012

Balancing it all...

So not sure if i fail more than i succeed at this balancing life thing, but at least im not alone right!?  i know we all have lots to juggle in life... like the stuff we have to do and stuff we wish/want to do. The thing i notice and tell people is with everything we have going on something has got to give. For me its usually deep cleaning or laundry haha, hopefully never my attention to the kids, although I'm human and it does happens sometimes. Thank God his mercies are new every morning!
 I have been blessed this season with the good amount of photo shoots and weddings not to many as i really love being a stay at home momma. :)
 Even so i have been SWAMPED with editing! I'm one that when editing i edit every good picture i see. (im trying to get better at narrowing down) I feel like im wasting a picture if i don't edit it haha, but cause of this i end up editing up to 1200 pictures for a wedding and well it take time while juggling carpool, kids, cleaning, LIFE... (hopefully my clients dont mind and happy with the end product ;) ) 

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So anyways this last few weeks my furniture redoing hobby has taken a back seat ... until yesterday i got to start on a project that i have wanted to do for a long time but just been busy and nervous to start it!!

Its my piano that we had when i was a kid. it has been well worn over the years. Like a bad burn mark on top from a candle (not from us hehe) so it needed paint! here is a little sneak peek at it...

Its going to take lots more coats but im so happy with it so far...


we have also been up to lots of evening walks,

redoing packaging for my photography

Lots of day and night editing and painting nails 

the oh so glamorous laundry,


making over our front yard (byebye giant bushes!)

And eveyonce in a while getting to go out and take a much needed break :)

WELL hope you all are doing well and enjoying life too, balancing act and all! :) blessings