Thursday, July 26, 2012

milk paint bed redo/ boys all american vintage baseball room

So july is my two older boys birthday and for there presents we redid there room :) the theme being your all American baseball room with a little vintage thrown in there :) it does have all the finishes but good enough to post :) 
also cruz our two year old is ready for a big boy bed so we took the crib down and with put cruz (2) in the bunk bed with diego (7) and judah (9) in the new big bed :) :( (bittersweet for this sentimental momma not that he slept in it all that much anyways hehe) 

so i painted it black with milk paint. 

here is the bed before (a great bed built by my brother eric :)

*first i mix the milk paint in a jar with a fork or just shake it up, some people even use a old blender :) missmustardseed has three great videos on milk paint (as well as lots more info!)

then i put the first coat on it will be pretty thin but thats ok once it dries just put another coat on :) 
(also this paint works best on raw wood but i didn't want to sand it so this bed is already sealed but i find it just distresses more if its not raw wood)

while i wait to the first coat to dry i put my brush in a ziplock bag to keep t from drying out.

then time for a sec coat 

Now with milk paint it has a mind of its own and with flak off by its self where ever it wants too unless you add the adhering agent to it. i how ever like that part of milk paint so i just let it do its thing 

then after a light sanding it the places i wanted i discovered that one spot did not want to adhere at all 
lol not want im going for so i sanded it to make the wood more and painted it again with a couple coats. and it worked much better 

then i used a wipe on poly to seal it all done! took me just the morning to do it yay.

the boys did help with there signs by helping paint them red with red milk paint :)

then sanded them down 

hope you enjoy :) we showed the boys last night and they all loved it :)

this was just to cute hehe and sad haha