Thursday, March 22, 2012

Isabella is 4! look at her party!

I cant believe it is that time again. Our baby girl is 4 today! it feels like just a short time ago i held her for the first time and felt such peace joy and love. Man how time flies. She is such a sweet, fun little girl full of spunk and life. We celebrated her birthday yesterday with a party and i had the funniest time decorating for it for her! I started a few days before hand prepping things and set up all i could the day before. 

I had decided to make her a barbie cake this year and make it to where i could actually eat it too! 
hehe so i went on the search for a gluten free, refined sugar free and nut free cake (my cousin cant have nuts hehe). 
One of my favorite blogs for recipes is real sustenance Brittany Angells is brilliant in the kitchen! So i used the recipe for birthday cake on her site. I highly suggest getting the king arthur gluten free cake enhancer I did not use it cause i didn't have time to order it. 
So my cake was a little dense. The taste was great it just fell after baking. but hey oh well you live and you learn right :)  I used xylitol instead of sugar but im sure you could play around with different kinds if you would like. I then used the icing recipe it gives but used that as the crumb coat and inbetween the layers of cake. I wanted to use the mashmellow frosting recipe out of the almond flour cookbook to give it that fluffy look. Then used about a teaspoon of beat juice to dye the frosting pink :) 
So all in all i think it looked great  :) and it was a yummy dense cake ;) (next time i will use the cake enhancer) But isabella loved it and that makes a mommy happy!

So here is the beautiful party and the even more beautiful little 4 year old
 Isabella Mireya Gabriella Valenzuela 

the party favors wrap in fabric (so they would match the theme) ;) 

(the photo's here taken of isabella in the frame our by my dear friend heather armstrong photography

my mom brought her the adorable outfit to wear she says it twirls very good! :) 

haha gotta love the placement of the candles right? ;) 

 i love that you can see the glitter blowing of in this one 

she scored in the present department and her little cousin made her a bracelet that says best best buddies on it, they have matching ones :) so so cute. and her little friend hannah look at those dimples :) super. cute.  

 Isabella (and peanut) saying bye to people as they leave. :) 

so after they craziness of the party day i sat down to blog this and realized i never got a picture of most of the kids at this party let alone with her bothers. So YAY thay everything was still set up so i had them all pose with her.
  This picture makes me laugh, not only is diego being silly but cruz insisted on having isabella's pink shoes on lol

Thanks to my wonderful friend kezia and (snickers hehe) the kitchen got cleaned up so good and i barley had to do a thing!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chalk board paint projects done

So it was a sunny day here and i was just so inspired to get some thing done!

I have have been meaning to for a while now to get a amazing gold frame and put a chalk board in it. Well i still have not found that perfect frame so i decided to just use one i had already that is off white. 

I got out the wonderful chalk board paint and sprayed the first coat on the glass that goes with the frame.
then as i was waiting for it to dry i thought why not put it on something else.... watch out. :) 

We have these coke glasses that were from some party we had and as much as i think there cool the red didnt really go with my decor all to well so i thought why not tape then of and spray over the coke part. I had seen it done to other bottles so why not. 
(isabellas name is hanging up for her party thats coming up )

*tape them

 *so after i taped them off i sprayed it with the first coat.

*so then i was waiting for those to dry i sprayed the glass again.

*and well i then got a pitcher i have and taped that off and sprayed it too lol

*i did about 3 coats on them all it only took 20 mins to dry each time if that. 

after it was dry to the touch i took the tape off.

 They are supposed to dry for 24 hours but im impatient kinda (hehe) and only waited a few hours before i broke the chalk in and started prepping the chalk area buy turning a piece of chalk sideways and rubbing it all over the board. then with a dry paper towel just lighting wiping it off. it was totally dry enough ;)

so here is the finished product :) 

sidenote (the pine chairs are going to be painted so ingnore how they are standing out!  hehe)

 (the line is a little messy on the bottom i need to fix that )

hope you had a great st Patricks day :)