Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our little miracle Cruz Ryder Cash turns one today!

Today our little boy Cruz Ryder Cash Valenzuela turns ONE! i cant believe it was this time last year our wonderful little miracle was born.

 When cruz was born It was a fast and furious labor. He Came out, and soon after with out me being able to hold him he was whisked away to the nicu. (daddy follow right behind) Not thinking it was as serious as it was until the head of the nicu came in the room a while later and in a very serious voice said that she needed to talk to me about my baby and if I wanted her to ask them (my mom and bff) to leave. WELL that scared the crap out of me! I said no they can stay! So She starts out by saying, “your baby is very sick.” He breathed in A LOT of muconium and his x-ray is really bad he needed to be inhabited and put on an oscillator to help him breath. He needed 100% oxygen and his body was really acidic." 
The next 12 days would be a roller coaster of emotions. with many things going wrong. But in the end all going right!! YAY God!! If you want to read the whole birth story and the days that followed click here.

 me finally holding him 9 days later

Im so thankful for the gift cruz is to us! and im so glad we got surprised with this little man (as we were done at 3 hehe). He is a joy to us all of us.

His ONE year old mini shoot :)

We love you little cruzer

Monday, June 6, 2011

Annie Sloan chalk paint side tables

So finally i have my side tables to show you.... well really i just have the finally picture of one of them since the other one is in my husbands office at work now ;) but they are exactly the same as far a paint goes. :)

For these pieces i was so excited to use annie sloans chalk paint and was equally thrilled with how great it was to work with!! First off you don't need to sand, prime or anything just paint it on virtually any surface and it will stick... secondly its ready to distress way fast and does it beautifully.

I found these tables on craigslist for free! like most of my redos i spend very little if anything at all on them. i love FREE :) 
here they are needing some TLC!

i watered down the Louise blue chalk paint a smidge and started painting away i used two coats. also i barley used any of the paint i have so much left! yay
(ignore my crappy brush here lol)

I then painted the old white chalk paint over the louise blue on some of the areas i saw fit

i also sanded down the tops cause i wanted to stain them and keep wood on top. (although they are not solid wood on top i still am very happy with how they turned out)

then i waxed it with a clear soft wax from annie sloan then sanded with a fine sand paper and a heavy sand paper. i also used a flat head screw driver to scrap of some parts of the paint.

Then i  used annie sloans dark soft wax working with only a very little area and rubbing of with a wet towel. working fast and getting it in the grooves!

then i just used the old pulls and there ya have it! 
(SIDE NOTE) I also got to go to one of my favorite things of the year!the rose and rust vintage home and garden show its in a big barn on a ton of beaitful land with horses all around. It was raining this time and parts where out side the barn it was hilarious how funny my hair looked by the end! i walked around for over a couple hours and was pretty wet but it was vintage heaven so who cares it wasn't a fashion show right?! :)

Well i got a huge wood ladder, painted white chair, a little egg basket, a white hook also that day i found a antiques brass chandelier from spain (at another place in redding) for 20 bucks! woot
so here is what i did with them and the side table..

so there ya have it :) now hopefully this rain stops and i can get some more furniture done! i have a huge lot to do :-) cant wait to get my hands on it.


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