Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our little miracle Cruz Ryder Cash turns one today!

Today our little boy Cruz Ryder Cash Valenzuela turns ONE! i cant believe it was this time last year our wonderful little miracle was born.

 When cruz was born It was a fast and furious labor. He Came out, and soon after with out me being able to hold him he was whisked away to the nicu. (daddy follow right behind) Not thinking it was as serious as it was until the head of the nicu came in the room a while later and in a very serious voice said that she needed to talk to me about my baby and if I wanted her to ask them (my mom and bff) to leave. WELL that scared the crap out of me! I said no they can stay! So She starts out by saying, “your baby is very sick.” He breathed in A LOT of muconium and his x-ray is really bad he needed to be inhabited and put on an oscillator to help him breath. He needed 100% oxygen and his body was really acidic." 
The next 12 days would be a roller coaster of emotions. with many things going wrong. But in the end all going right!! YAY God!! If you want to read the whole birth story and the days that followed click here.

 me finally holding him 9 days later

Im so thankful for the gift cruz is to us! and im so glad we got surprised with this little man (as we were done at 3 hehe). He is a joy to us all of us.

His ONE year old mini shoot :)

We love you little cruzer


Katie Riddle said...

Happy birthday, sweet Cruz!!!! This post got me all emotional. *sniff*

Cam said...

I was wondering just the other day how that baby was doin! Following the story on your mom's facebook feed, we didn't get the full drama--but we prayed a great deal.
Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

This made me cry,the many miracles of God....faithful God.His got a great destiny.

ChristyA said...

I think that I first read about your births in your mom's book. The little blurb from her was SO encouraging as I was about delivery my oldest son Judah. Two and half years later I was reading your post about Cruz and it was exactly what I needed to hear as my second son Cohen was about to be born. I literally bawled my eyes out as I read about how miraculously God worked. The picture of your dad and Cruz especially touched me. The love in your father's eyes for his grandchild was so special and only added to a new round of tears. :o)
I cannot thank you enough for sharing your private moments with us. Your testimonies have truly changed my life. God's is truly becoming better than I could have ever imagined and you have been a part of showing me that.
Many many blessings and lots of love to you guys!!!

Nichole said...

He is the cutest of cute. Love him so much and can't believe it's been a year! Geesh it goes by fast!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! :)

Roksana Sultana said...

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