Saturday, February 26, 2011

crazy busy week!!!

 Well first off this week has been so crazy! today i didnt even eat till 1:30... and the day we have been waiting for since the beginning of december. Our amazing Realtor daniel miller brought us over the key to our new house!!!!! yeah it has been a roller coaster journey! We bought our first house a few years ago and boy have times changed! there are so many more hoops to jump to get in a house now days. Our great loan guy benji edwardson worked some miracles on our part.

so whats crazy is we got the keys but didnt even have time to go see it today.  BUT for a very fun reason. We got to go see jonny lang and go out to eat with great friends! we bought the tickets weeks ago and it was a great way to celebrate our new home.
(hmmm i think something is wrong with the sign?)

 The show was unreal! so amazing! me and my hubby have loved him since forever and used to listen to him a lot while we were dating.
What was just so fun about the show was our friend charles is friends with jonny and got to go play some amazing keys and organ!! one word for it was WOW!

so we are so blessed and excited to move in tomorrow. and start the not so fun unpacking lol. I am sad though to leave my mom and dads i love staying with them and seeing them all the time! (tear) One thing tht will be great though is when our kids come in our bed we will have our king size bed instead of a queen hehe. there were a few night where not much sleep happened after being squished by our 4 kiddos and dog. :) but such fun memories!!

I LOvE my life!!!

oh and p.s. my hutch was featured on a great before and after blog betterafter you can check it out if you want :) she has a great blog there!! THANKS!

Monday, February 21, 2011

mellow day

So its a pretty mellow day around here. It sure is nice to have one more day off before our CRAZY week begins. We sign the closing papers on our house tomorrow (hopefully) then hope to get the keys thursday.

we have a conference this week starting Wednesday till friday and i sing a few times. we also have jonny Lang tickets for this Friday. im soo excited!!!

I also wanted to post a couple pictures of what i got on saturday. one of my fav places to look for treasures is oregon street antique mall. They were having a sale 25% off sale. So off i went just me and cruz. We walked around for about 2 hours i totally enjoying my self with my sleeping baby all snuggled up in the sling.
I love the rusty chair i plan to keep it just like this. 
this I may paint white but either way i love it. little miss bella loves to help in the kitchen so its perfect for a little stool :)
I also found this for isabellas bed i want to use it as a bed skirt
i also got a white enamel bucket but dont have a picture :) 
Hopefully i will be posting pictures soon of my house!!

(cell phone pictures)

Friday, February 18, 2011

snow ice cream!

SO one of my favorite memories of the snow growing up, is making snow ice cream. My mom made it for us and now i make it for my kids :) 
We had just a little left from yesterdays 3 inches :) so i went out and snatched some up per request of my children. :) Well and i love eating snow too! i crave it!
number one SNOW
then dump some real maple syrup in
then vanilla, i don't measure but its prob about a half teaspoon for every cup and a half of snow. i like vanilla :)
Then i add a little milk and stir it all up. taste it to see if you need more of anything.
enjoy :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jesus loves me the snow tells me so :D

So we have snow today!! now for all those that live or have lived in the mountains you may laugh at our snow. being from a mountain town  i probably would have too at one time in my life. but im ok with that! im proud of our little bit of snow. even if its only about a inch :) (still snowing though)

So today called for my moms agave hot coco. heres how you make it.
first it calls for some organic milk.
then some coco powder (i add to taste i dont measure )we like to use this kind cause it is 99% caffeine free. (this momma doesn't do caffeine)

Then raw agave nectar,  and a pinch of salt. stir simmering over medium heat

Pour in in the blinder it makes it all frothy and fluffy :) careful start slow!

pour in your favorite mug or tea cup haha and enjoy

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wool and cloth diapering

Well i must say i never knew wool was so amazing before cloth diapers! poor wool gets a bad rap cause guess what NOT all wool is itchy!

i just had a refresher on how amazing it is. i had stopped using it for some dumb reason! and just started up again. well my poor little guy had a diaper rash from teething and me not changing him as often as i should (shhhh hehe.) After one day of him being in a cd and a wool cover his rash is gone!! Oh why did i ever stop using wool??

a wonderful friend on mine let me use about 6 of her wonderwrap covers. she is having a baby anyday now so i am giving them back. :) Time to shop for some new covers! im going mostly wool now. i will still have a few PUL (polyurethane laminate) covers.(flips mosly) i have been looking on diaperswappers and spots corner 
you can get gently used ones for great prices!

first i will give you a few fact about wool.

1. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial. It does not hold in dirt or odors.

2.You dont need to wash it very often. every couple weeks (some times longer) will suffice. unless it gets poo on it. 
(i recommend using a fitted diaper with it so poo is less likely to get on the wool cover, prefold are good to though)  

3. Wool can regulate body temperature. Wool naturally wick excess moisture and heat from your skin. This makes wool perfect for a hot summer's day. its also good for sensative skin believe it or not when using the soft wool.

4. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in liquid without feeling wet. So even when your baby has a wet diaper, your wool cover will still feel dry to the touch. Not unless your diaper is very WET will you need to change her wool cover. And because it dries pretty fast, you can air out your wool for a short time and use it again with no washing.

5.There is a thing called lanolin in wool that makes it water repellent. It's what keep sheep dry when they are out in the rain.

6. wool needs to be hand washed (some can be washed on gentle cycle only if directed to do so) you use lanolin and a wool wash (or a gentle baby wash some even use liquid dish soap) It is so easy to wash! i learned by watching a video:)

7. wool is breathable so your baby does get as soaked while wearing wool covers. which is great for night. and if you have a HEAVY wetter.

now there are many types of ways people use wool with CD'ing. here are some.

interlock and jersey ... awesome for under clothing as it is really trim

felted recycled wool is virtually bulletproof. its pretty much when wool is washed and shrinks up really tight.

knit or crochet woolies and longies. if you know how to make these your set cause some are upwards of 75 dollars. (unless buying used there between 25-75)
there are some amazing ones on hyenacart. there are also some amazing yarns on there as well.
my wonderful friend holly made cruz these wonderful wool longies  i researched for weeks on the softest wool and cutest :) there made from the merino wool .
for all you skeptics i dare you to feel them you would never know its wool!!  

also go thrifting to find some old wool sweaters (i like the ones mixed with cashmere) and upcycle them into some longies or little shorts its super easy!
so thats my 2 cents on wool. i hope you guys will try it its truly amazing stuff.

p.s. i used pictures off of the web.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

out junkin in the wind

After i dropped the older two off at school and came home got ready. i decided to go to epersons auction yard (aka junk yard) on a crazy windy day i was kinda glad i hadnt done my hair yet lol. I had never been there. well they have a building that has the nicer things in it so there protected from the element. BUT where did i go? In to the field of JUNK! (this is only a quarter of it)

yeah it was pretty bad but so fun! i found this little chair needed some major TLC

then as i was leaving i saw this broken old foot board...

They were both free (not surprising they need work) i think the lady was happy i took them out of her hands! not that i even made a dent in the amount of crap stuff that was there. hehe

after that i picked up diego my second oldest from school we made a stop at home depot to get a couple things i needed for another project. Then just cause i wanted to go to a place that had pretty things to wash my eyes with after the other place we went to one of my favs ...Oregon street antique mall. found many things i wanted but nothing i couldnt live with out :) here are my little troopers who heard dont touch MANY tines today :) 

soon as i got home i took the electric sander too them. i wish i could have used the chippy paint to my advantage but there was to much mild due. so here is what they look like now. ready to be painted.

 so stay tuned.

Monday, February 7, 2011

It had me at hello ..picture HEAVY!

(picture taken at my parents house)

I have wanted a french chair for a while and when i saw this hidden gem for 10 dollars. It had me at hello! So after a few days of tlc the chair is now a beauty! Its not perfect but im pretty proud of it. its my first chair like this.

This whole chair makeover was inspired by thee amazing miss mustard seed
and the copy me challenge she has the most amazing style and talent for redoing furniture! i really loved the way she does her chairs and the paint technique she used on this chair

If you want to see the beginning process of my chair click here

So after painting it the bright base color i brushed on a grayish white with a dry brush. (i didnt have french grey so i added a little black and a tiny bit of blue to a white paint i had)



.....i went to town with a heavy grit sand paper!

..... i used Ralph Laurens glaze and added a little dark wood stain to it to make it darker to my liking. i bushed this glaze over an area the wiped off with a wet paper towel (dont use a wet towel it will be too rough and wipe your paint off.. opps lol)
then came the use of my new staple gun, i put burlap to create the support for the back of the chair.

.... i put batting in

...cute a piece of drop cloth and stapled away

after stapling both sides of the chair i cute around it.

....added trim with a hot glue gun

before and after!

Here come the pictures! :)

and my little helper :)

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