Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jesus loves me the snow tells me so :D

So we have snow today!! now for all those that live or have lived in the mountains you may laugh at our snow. being from a mountain town  i probably would have too at one time in my life. but im ok with that! im proud of our little bit of snow. even if its only about a inch :) (still snowing though)

So today called for my moms agave hot coco. heres how you make it.
first it calls for some organic milk.
then some coco powder (i add to taste i dont measure )we like to use this kind cause it is 99% caffeine free. (this momma doesn't do caffeine)

Then raw agave nectar,  and a pinch of salt. stir simmering over medium heat

Pour in in the blinder it makes it all frothy and fluffy :) careful start slow!

pour in your favorite mug or tea cup haha and enjoy


Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I want some tonight

Marcelle @ Mimi & Mum said...

Yum, I think I will go make some now!

Melinda said...

So pretty - I am glad our snow is gone though. We had it ALL winter. lol. We had 60 + degree weather today and we went to the park - and LOVED it! ;) Hot cocoa looks great!

Jen Johnston said...

caffeine-free cocoa - what a concept! I don't do caffeine either.

KATHY said...

Your cocoa looks so good!!The picture of you, and your little one is adorable.


Heather said...

yum! that looks so good! :) i can't believe all the snow in Redding!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Oh that's such a cute picture of you two! Come on down to South Florida. We have no snow, but I can turn the A/C down real low so we can have some hot cocoa!