Thursday, February 3, 2011

thrifting oh how i love you.... maybe to much hehe

So i have been on the search for a small dresser or taller side table for some time now. but dont want to spend over 40 bucks. if i could get it for 20 or less thats even better. WELL ya know what that means.... going to the not so nice places to dig. haha
i however did not find what i was looking for BUT i found a chair its so pretty or will be. here she is. i love the detail. i plan to reupholster it on top and do a cute slip cover for the bottom... also give it a little paint.

i also found this stuff on craigslist for 5 bucks it came all together. i mainly just wanted the boxes but it all came together.. not sure if the other vintage stuff will go right. the grinder thing is cool i think that may work but the other thing we will have to see. :) i also got two coco cola tins but i will sell thoughs or something im not a big fan of them.

then i went too another thrift store and found this adorable pillow for my daughters bed. It matches her big pillow perectly and only 2 bucks!... so crazy.

i also got some fabric for 60 cents. also a slip chair cover i will use the fabric from and use it on the new chair. so my running totally for today was 20 bucks :)

on a side note... life has been crazy lately with the house and other things! escrow is still going and not sure when it will close there was a bump in the road but it is getting ironed out. in the mean time we are having lots of fun at my dad and moms house! the front of my there house is filling up fast with things i keep buying for the new house! when it comes time to move to the new house im going to have a garage sale of all our old stuff i dont want anymore!! yay purge baby purge! (for those who know me that's easier said than down haha hopefully i will not be to sentimental that day lol)

blessings all!


Lindsay said...

You are so inspiring Leah!! You got us motivated to refinish a bookshelf this weekend. We are going for an antiquey green ....I'll have to show you pictures ( when it's all done)! Also at the Home Depot there is a free kids class this weekend for making a heart shaped shelf. Thought your boys might enjoy, Noah is so looking forward to it! :)

Jen Johnston said...

Those boxes are awesome!

leah mari said...

lindsay thats great! def. show me pictures!
what time is that class that sound super fun!! they would love that!

Lindsay said...

The site says 9-noon and when I called they said no RSVP necessary, we'll probably get there early so no one is disappointed ;) they get thier own home depot apron too :)