Saturday, February 26, 2011

crazy busy week!!!

 Well first off this week has been so crazy! today i didnt even eat till 1:30... and the day we have been waiting for since the beginning of december. Our amazing Realtor daniel miller brought us over the key to our new house!!!!! yeah it has been a roller coaster journey! We bought our first house a few years ago and boy have times changed! there are so many more hoops to jump to get in a house now days. Our great loan guy benji edwardson worked some miracles on our part.

so whats crazy is we got the keys but didnt even have time to go see it today.  BUT for a very fun reason. We got to go see jonny lang and go out to eat with great friends! we bought the tickets weeks ago and it was a great way to celebrate our new home.
(hmmm i think something is wrong with the sign?)

 The show was unreal! so amazing! me and my hubby have loved him since forever and used to listen to him a lot while we were dating.
What was just so fun about the show was our friend charles is friends with jonny and got to go play some amazing keys and organ!! one word for it was WOW!

so we are so blessed and excited to move in tomorrow. and start the not so fun unpacking lol. I am sad though to leave my mom and dads i love staying with them and seeing them all the time! (tear) One thing tht will be great though is when our kids come in our bed we will have our king size bed instead of a queen hehe. there were a few night where not much sleep happened after being squished by our 4 kiddos and dog. :) but such fun memories!!

I LOvE my life!!!

oh and p.s. my hutch was featured on a great before and after blog betterafter you can check it out if you want :) she has a great blog there!! THANKS!


Katie Riddle said...

The concert was seriously epic. Jonny Lang is amazing. Jer and I were so thankful we got to celebrate with you. Let us know if you need any help moving; Jer has a big truck. :)

Doots said...

Congratulations on your new home! I LOVE moving into new places. Lots of fun decorating and finding treasures to fill the spaces!