Tuesday, April 3, 2012

chalk paint kitchen island rescue

So awhile ago my good friend myriah found this island in there back ally way it was in rough shape and ready for the trash man to pick it up :) well she knew i was looking for one to redo and so i picked it up :) it sat in our garage for a while till i could start on it :) 


*i sanded the top down a lot!

 half sanded

*i then wiped off the dirt :) it was gross!!

 *then painted it with the amazing annie sloan chalk paint i put a couple coats on :) didnt want to sand the chipping paint down cause i wanted it to add to the texture lol well and im lazy ha 

*i then put the same steal wool vinegar treatment i did here on top about 3 coats worth.

* then went to town on it with heavy grit sand paper and some using the electric sander :) 

*then i waxed the top to seal it although i think i need to go get pure mineral oil instead and redo to it so we can use it as a actual cutting board :)

it is still bowed a little but i love it anyways :) i also need to get new handles but i just couldn't wait to show it :)
me and my amazing mom carried this heavy thing in side up some stairs and have bruises to show for it :)

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