Thursday, March 24, 2011

dinning table and chair redo

Well when gabe and i first got married we got a very nice dinning table and 8 chairs from pier one. but its not exactly the style im going for anymore its all wood and has great potential to make it fit but i have been nervous to redo it. so when i saw on craiglist a table and 4 chairs for 50 bucks i was sold! i drove a hour to go get it. I figured i could redo do this one and practice for the bigger table redo. i will talk more another day about my big plans for that table. 

So i got steal wool and vinager. let it sit over night. now what i read said, use the finest steal wool but i didnt have that so i used i medium one. and it worked great. i put a few coats on.
here is the butter block table half done

here it is after a couple coats and just 30 mins or so
i had to sand some areas done more and reapply but it finally worked.

here is the after all waxed and buffed. (i still need to put another coat of wax cause my kids spilled juice on it and it left a spot :( )
 here it is!

Now for the chairs 

they were just this orange finish bleh!

 i lighty sanded them and painted a white flat paint on them it took two coats
here is one coat on the left and two on the right.

i had to work inside cause it was freezing and raining out. and im proud to say i didnt get it anywhere it wasnt supposed to big lol.

then i sanded them and distressed and use a water based poly
here is my after picture (taken with my phone )

here you can kinda see them in this better picture :)

hope you enjoyed :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

milk paint side table

So i have had this side table for a while just waiting to use my milk paint on it.
I got this blue milk paint that i thought was going to be lighter but i was to impatient  to wait for the white MP to come in the mail to mix with it. so i just used the blue as is. although i still may do it some lighter later i do like it. let me know what ya think :)

here is the before 
 ( picture at our old house. yucky blue carpet!! and not set up)

I sanded it down then mixed up the milk paint using hot water.
then applied the first coat

then waited 
painted a sec coat and sanded once dry

distressed it a ton
waited and sealed it with a wipe on poly.
here are the afters 

hope you like it :) 

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My Isabella is 3!

So for isabellas shoot for turning three we stayed in. Our new house has amazing light!! its a photographers house for sure hehe. Its been raining for days here with little breaks but still pretty muddy so inside it is!

Its my birthday today but yesterday was my most favorite little girl in the worlds birthday. i love that our birthdays are a day apart! i see a lot of spa days and birthday weekends filled with girly things.

Isabella is such a huge joy in my life. shes silly, fun, spunky and always full of character!

We had a great birthday party too with all our wonderful friends! it was a great day! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

so much progress!

Well we have made so much progress on the house! But we took on the garage which it is looking so great but more stuff came into the house to organize haha. so i still have that stuff more to do. I did how ever get to start on and finish a couple redos today. The hubs is gone for ten days so we will see how much more i get done ;).  Not sure if you remember that very mildewy free chair. well i finished it and have pictures to show.
Here it is :)

And here it was before 
I had to sand it down and clean the mildew off then remove all the rusty staples and pray i didnt stab my self!

Then i painted it white the sanded it and dinged it up... stabbed it with a screw driver.. hit it....
then used a glaze and sealed it with a rub on poly. I used a vintage burlap sack to recover it. I had to hand wash it and hang it out to dry first cause it was sooooo smelly!

  but it washed up great and im really happy how it turned out. Here are a few more pictures!

cruz wanted mommy to pick him up! (i did :) )

I just want to post a couple other pictures from today too of the kiddos there just so cute if i do say so my self :) silly isabella
My sweet diego :)

My judah man and his cute smile :)

And just had to take a picture of this... my sweet baby girl in my favorite new room :)

I also finished my side table using milk paint... post soon to come!

and one more picture of us on move in day :)

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