Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wool and cloth diapering

Well i must say i never knew wool was so amazing before cloth diapers! poor wool gets a bad rap cause guess what NOT all wool is itchy!

i just had a refresher on how amazing it is. i had stopped using it for some dumb reason! and just started up again. well my poor little guy had a diaper rash from teething and me not changing him as often as i should (shhhh hehe.) After one day of him being in a cd and a wool cover his rash is gone!! Oh why did i ever stop using wool??

a wonderful friend on mine let me use about 6 of her wonderwrap covers. she is having a baby anyday now so i am giving them back. :) Time to shop for some new covers! im going mostly wool now. i will still have a few PUL (polyurethane laminate) covers.(flips mosly) i have been looking on diaperswappers and spots corner 
you can get gently used ones for great prices!

first i will give you a few fact about wool.

1. Wool is naturally anti-bacterial. It does not hold in dirt or odors.

2.You dont need to wash it very often. every couple weeks (some times longer) will suffice. unless it gets poo on it. 
(i recommend using a fitted diaper with it so poo is less likely to get on the wool cover, prefold are good to though)  

3. Wool can regulate body temperature. Wool naturally wick excess moisture and heat from your skin. This makes wool perfect for a hot summer's day. its also good for sensative skin believe it or not when using the soft wool.

4. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in liquid without feeling wet. So even when your baby has a wet diaper, your wool cover will still feel dry to the touch. Not unless your diaper is very WET will you need to change her wool cover. And because it dries pretty fast, you can air out your wool for a short time and use it again with no washing.

5.There is a thing called lanolin in wool that makes it water repellent. It's what keep sheep dry when they are out in the rain.

6. wool needs to be hand washed (some can be washed on gentle cycle only if directed to do so) you use lanolin and a wool wash (or a gentle baby wash some even use liquid dish soap) It is so easy to wash! i learned by watching a video:)

7. wool is breathable so your baby does get as soaked while wearing wool covers. which is great for night. and if you have a HEAVY wetter.

now there are many types of ways people use wool with CD'ing. here are some.

interlock and jersey ... awesome for under clothing as it is really trim

felted recycled wool is virtually bulletproof. its pretty much when wool is washed and shrinks up really tight.

knit or crochet woolies and longies. if you know how to make these your set cause some are upwards of 75 dollars. (unless buying used there between 25-75)
there are some amazing ones on hyenacart. there are also some amazing yarns on there as well.
my wonderful friend holly made cruz these wonderful wool longies  i researched for weeks on the softest wool and cutest :) there made from the merino wool .
for all you skeptics i dare you to feel them you would never know its wool!!  

also go thrifting to find some old wool sweaters (i like the ones mixed with cashmere) and upcycle them into some longies or little shorts its super easy!
so thats my 2 cents on wool. i hope you guys will try it its truly amazing stuff.

p.s. i used pictures off of the web.

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chrissy said...

Love this post, I did a you tube on lanolizing wool also. So sad I have no more babies to put wool on!!! Ah! My potty trained daughter still has some knit longies she rocks :)