Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas wrapping

When it comes to christmas wrapping i look and try to think of a new creative way to do it for the year months before. this year pinterest gave me the idea of making wood buttons so my amazing helpful husband went out and found a branch cut it down and sliced them all to size then drilled holes in them. He made about 60 for me. 

I got my brown paper at home depot for like 11 dollars for a huge roll! also the brown twine there too. much cheaper than Michael. my favorite paper this year though has got to be my wood grain paper. I got it at tjmaxx and wish i would have bought every roll! 

I really like crinkling my brown paper for added texture i also did use white paper for a few presents and crinkled that too. 

Then i went to the craft store and got wood shaped cutouts and made them into little chalk boards for the tags. i just stacked them and then drilled a little hole for the string. super easy and really fun... (i also wrote there name on the side very small so if the kids eased it i would still know who's it was ;) )

so for those oddly shaped presents i decided to make pouches for them with my surger. super easy and i really like the feel they give. you could use your sewing machine to i imagine.

Hope you enjoy it :) 


Monday, December 10, 2012

our christmas house

wanted to show you my christmasy house for this year. i have been a bussy bee getting it all ready. most i got done before we left for disneyland but still had somethings to finish up. We had the best time and was one of the funnest weeks of our families lives :) i hope to share pictures maybe next week :) but for now here is our home. 

heres our family/livingroom 

this dome is so super special my grandma johnson made it for us.

here is our office/piano room 

i made this musical confetti stuff to go in ornaments but since cruz my two year old took a bat to a couple it is now on my piano....when life gives you lemons/baseball bats you get piano decor ;)

here is our kitchen/dinning area (my favorite tree) ;)

our advent made out of old trader joe's bags and a hot glue gun 

this awesome yarn i got from joanns fabric was only 6 bucks and i love it! i also made these little unruly wreaths out of left over pine i had. 

isabellas room she and cruz decorated :)

the boys tree they decorated together 

and our front porch 

Hope you all have the merriest of christmases! 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

chalk paint childhood piano redo

So i know it has been a while since i posted i didn't know it had been this long! keeping up two blogs when you have a full FUN life is apparently harder than i thought lol. 

Well i have my child hood piano redo to show you and i'm super excited about it. i have so many great memories with this piano. I would pretend that underneath was my mail box and all my parents junk mail was my really important mail. Me and my dad would sit down at it and he would put my school memory verses to song so i could learn them every week in grade school. 
So when one of my brothers was needing it out of there rental house where it had been. i jumped on it. It had been damaged on top by a unsupervised candle from a renter so it needed painting and some TLC. 

heres the before 

and the damage

after some work getting the burnt part off some 

it took a few times putting wood filler on it and sanding it smooth

after the first coat of annie sloan chalk paint 

I then put a couple more coats on the piano sanded it distressed it then waxed it using the clear wax (not dark) and let set until it was not tacky anymore and then buffed it out 

hope you enjoyed this rehab. i love just starring at it hehe 

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