Monday, December 10, 2012

our christmas house

wanted to show you my christmasy house for this year. i have been a bussy bee getting it all ready. most i got done before we left for disneyland but still had somethings to finish up. We had the best time and was one of the funnest weeks of our families lives :) i hope to share pictures maybe next week :) but for now here is our home. 

heres our family/livingroom 

this dome is so super special my grandma johnson made it for us.

here is our office/piano room 

i made this musical confetti stuff to go in ornaments but since cruz my two year old took a bat to a couple it is now on my piano....when life gives you lemons/baseball bats you get piano decor ;)

here is our kitchen/dinning area (my favorite tree) ;)

our advent made out of old trader joe's bags and a hot glue gun 

this awesome yarn i got from joanns fabric was only 6 bucks and i love it! i also made these little unruly wreaths out of left over pine i had. 

isabellas room she and cruz decorated :)

the boys tree they decorated together 

and our front porch 

Hope you all have the merriest of christmases! 

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Christine Rhee said...

I love it Leah!! :D Your house looks great!!

Heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

I love it, Leah!!! So many trees and they are all different!!! Really like the burlap tree in the kitchen. I thought I was the only one who put a tree in every room - guess not!

Patina said...

I love this...all of it. Your Chalk Paint™ piano makeover is superb! New follower found through Chrissy @ Eco Chic Home!