Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chalk board paint projects done

So it was a sunny day here and i was just so inspired to get some thing done!

I have have been meaning to for a while now to get a amazing gold frame and put a chalk board in it. Well i still have not found that perfect frame so i decided to just use one i had already that is off white. 

I got out the wonderful chalk board paint and sprayed the first coat on the glass that goes with the frame.
then as i was waiting for it to dry i thought why not put it on something else.... watch out. :) 

We have these coke glasses that were from some party we had and as much as i think there cool the red didnt really go with my decor all to well so i thought why not tape then of and spray over the coke part. I had seen it done to other bottles so why not. 
(isabellas name is hanging up for her party thats coming up )

*tape them

 *so after i taped them off i sprayed it with the first coat.

*so then i was waiting for those to dry i sprayed the glass again.

*and well i then got a pitcher i have and taped that off and sprayed it too lol

*i did about 3 coats on them all it only took 20 mins to dry each time if that. 

after it was dry to the touch i took the tape off.

 They are supposed to dry for 24 hours but im impatient kinda (hehe) and only waited a few hours before i broke the chalk in and started prepping the chalk area buy turning a piece of chalk sideways and rubbing it all over the board. then with a dry paper towel just lighting wiping it off. it was totally dry enough ;)

so here is the finished product :) 

sidenote (the pine chairs are going to be painted so ingnore how they are standing out!  hehe)

 (the line is a little messy on the bottom i need to fix that )

hope you had a great st Patricks day :)


Emily said...


Katie Riddle said...

LOVE it! You are so creative and tasteful! :)

Anonymous said...

Leah, those are awesome! The idea with the chalkboard paint on the bottles is sweet.
Best, Alisa

charis said...

love them! i love seeing all your creativity come out!

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Lana said...

These turned out so great!!! I love them lined up like that with the single stems!