Monday, August 15, 2011

camping fun

We are back from camping. it was a blast! Now i love all things camping, from dirt to camp fires to even peeing out side ;).  

i was driving the van while the hubs drove the truck... the kids opened up the mashmellows and started early :)

the things i dont want to leave with out! pack-n-play first-aid and jumper :)

and yup the first aid came in handy as always. in fact so much i had only three band-aids left lol

my very dirty feet lol

my very dirty kids :)

me and cruz ready for the lake
 so cute isabella loves her brothers!

our group of friends

 our CaMP

feeding the deer!

Today we went on a walk with a couple of my nieces that are spending the night. so i snapped a few shots with a lens baby. (trying it out) :)

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simply objekts said...

oh my this look like great fun :)
the more the merrier!