Tuesday, May 3, 2011

vintage close to home

So a few months ago when we lived with my dad and mom waiting for escrow to go through on our house. My "work shop" was in there garage. (well to be honest there are still pieces of furniture in there..sorry mom and dad hehe ill be over soon to get them) 
Well i was searching for something in the cupboards and came across these amazing old wooden tool boxes. so right away i took a picture with my phone and texted them to my parents saying "um i want these!" and letting them know if they were sentimental not to worry i will be ok if they say no! As i am so sentimental so i would totally understand. Well turns out my great grandpa morken used to make wooden tool boxes and these were his. My dad had been keeping them along with some old tools. He said it was ok for me to have them.(yippee) and i promised i would not paint them or change them in anyway. They would be showed off and talked about. The greatest part they have a story. There not just any old tool box but ones my GG made with his own two hands. I can see him in his work shop making them now. I have heard stories from my grandma about what a talented man he was a Pastor, interior decorator, he would paint all kinds of things using plaster and such he even painted on the ceiling of the Angeles Temple.  He remodeled many homes, Prayed for the sick and they were healed. He was a hunter and fisherman thats how they ate. He even Baked many of the pies for a reasterant they had.
A fun little story i love is when my grandma was a little girl her mom made all of her clothes until right before she was married, but when she was about 15 her mom (my great grandma) broke her arm. they had the material & pattern for her 'Easter' dress, but none of the Ladies they asked would make it 'cause of the kind of fabric. Her dad (my great grandpa) said, no worries - I'll make it - and he did - and it was perfect!! So yeah needless to say he was a very talented man!

So here they are in all there glory im sure they will be moved around many times through out our home but for now here they our i love them!! 

 (i moved it to my room on our new dresser)

Here is the long one perfect for my table!

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Heather said...

Leah what an amazing gift! I love how you've placed the toolboxes!

.:cat said...

I would pay money to live in your house for a weekend. Its Gorgeous!!! Teach me your ways. ;)

Nichole said...

Aw, love the story, I don't think I knew that they had a restaurant -- how did I miss that? Love hearing all those stories! :)

They look perfect in your house!

lovely artista said...

love those!!! I love treasures with stories :)

Cherylyn Petersen said...

Love this! The music, the story made me sentimental so I started to tear up. :) Happy.

Hannah said...

Oh wow! Those are beautiful! What a legacy!

charis said...

i love them! i forgot about the story of the easter dress - so glad you reminded me. he was amazing! i am proud to have a painting of his in my bedroom.

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Camille said...

how cool!! I did not know this!!?!? The color of them is perfect!! What a fun story... You're amazing. Please come over and transform my room... thank you. lol

Tereza said...

Very very beautiful!

Cam said...

Time for another post....
Really enjoying your blog, I've always been creeped out by antiques...you know, demons attached to them and stuff.
If you've any thoughts on that, I'd love to hear them.