Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hint of mint and curvy legs

so we picked up this table at a yard sale it needed a little fixing on top from a crack but nothing a little sanding and wood filler couldn't fix  :) 

first i sanded down the crack till it was flat then used wood filler 

then sanded that down till smooth. then did those steps once more till all smooth and flat. 

I wanted to paint the top white and the bottom a slit mint shade. so i mixed old white chalk paint with a green craft paint and mixed til desired color. i also add a little water to thin my chalk paint i like to work with thinner paint 

then put two coat of the minty chalk paint on the bottom.

i then painted the top with just old white chalk paint but then decided to also use a eggshell white on top. just to make it a little more easy to care for than using wax to seal it.  (i love wax but just wanted to try something different since i had this stuff laying around hehe )
i painted about 4-5 coats on top cause the table top was showing through. i also painted the top very rough i didn't want it to smooth.

then sanded and destressed the top and bottom then used clear wax with a tiny tiny pit of the dark wax on the bottom half 

let the wax dry then buff out.

here is the finished product :) i wish i could keep her but it needed to be sold, .... one can not have 4 dinning tables ;) she is now very happy in her new home 

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Lora said...

that is GORGEOUS!

Chenille Cottage said...

She's a masterpiece! What an incredible transformation! You are very ambitious and it has paid off!
Smiles and admiration,

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Fabulous transformation. I didn't realize that you could add acrylic paint to the chalk paint to change up the colour. Now you've got me thinking about a couple of other projects I could do.

Would love for you to share this at the All Star Block Party.

Vicky Stroud said...

Hi Leah

I'm just loving browsing your blog - feeling so inspired to tackle some projects myself now!


oldthings said...

just wonderful! Nice ! The details are gorgeous !

Michele said...

Your table turned out soo beautiful. I am your new follower.

Pearl 13.1