Sunday, April 17, 2011

a family of bloggers ;)

I have a wonderful family full of amazing people who i look up to and admire. After being introduced to one of my cousins blogs today, a thought came to me how i would love to talk about my families blogs and brag a little hehe ;-) (none of them have asked me to do this BTW hehe)

 My mother is so amazing and my best friend! she has so much wisdom about many things. One thing that she is such a inspiration to me about is health and wellness. she takes such great care of her self inside and out. im always learning new things about health and wellness form her. Im so excited to say she now has a blog about it and gets to share with so many more people and help them to be the best healthiest "them" they can be.

My cousin charis is so amazing with words the way she puts them down is wonderful to read. she has great help with the bible, shares her stories as a mom of 4 young boys and being a loving wife. she is a inspiration to me in how she does life! she has had her blog for awhile and there are so many to go back on and read. i just love it.

My other cousin nichole (charis sister) just started blogging and i just love all the tutorials she has on there. from yummy ice cream to bows :) she is so creative. her blog title is so not perfect
she too like her sister can write great and is so fun to read. She also designed her blog and her sisters blog super cute huh?

I shared a while back about myriahs photography blog. she married my cousin nathan (nicholes twin brother) We grew up together and we loved to do photo shoots together. her being the amazing photographer.. well she grew up and still takes pictures so amazingly! i love her eye its just great!

Now i have a cousin hannah who loves all things vintage and im pretty sure her wedding was my all time favorite ever!! if only i had pictures to show all you! it was vintage heaven im sure! lol
she has a great fun blog just looking though her post you get visual inspiration at how everything she touches is made beautiful. she made her little apartment to look amazing! which she has pictures of on there.

now the next person in not my sister by blood but she is in every other way! i met her after she became my moms P.A. and that was it. Best buds/sisters for life so its only fitting to add her blog in here :) 
i love the way she writes she is very honest with her words and the way she puts her life to the page.

hope you enjoy looking at them. (and again they have not asked me to do this) just thought i would brag on my family and all our blogginess hehe.

P.S. some of my friends got together and got this great rocker for my front porch. i just love it. 

(also time to wash the porch hehe)


Camille said...

Awww! I LuvU! You are so creative and amazing.... Sisters for life for sure!!

Myriah Grubbs said...

Aw golly thanks :) I love your blogs too!!!! Such a creative family we have!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT Leah! So excited to check out all these blogs!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Aw, that is way too much talent in one family! Wow.

Cam said...

Enjoying your blog!
when I saw this on another blog, I thought of all you home-improvement types with your new blogs:

More the link party than the hotel info...

charis said...

thanks for highlighting my blog! i am so honored. love you leah!

my most recent post: 5 things i am thinking about on good friday