Tuesday, September 27, 2011

boys bunk bed from drab to fab :)

So after months of me putting off doing the boys bunk bed i finally got it done!! yippee! i told my self after there bed was done i could move on to the other pieces i have to do. so im so excited about whats to come with my pile of finds in the garage (all smiles)

I must say first before i show how i painted it. that i wish i would have been using annie sloan chalk paint It would make it easier but i had already gotten the supplies for the bed. :) 

So here is the before. Just a all wood bunk bed from walmart in pine.
(the only picture i could find was from our old house)

* first i spray painted it to prime it. 
(in this picture part already had the first coat on it.)

* Then i painted it with martha stewart black flat paint. I did about 2 coats of that 
(big pile of bed ha there were sooo many pieces!)

*then i took a heavy sand paper and sanded up the edges.

* Then dust off before sealing it. 

* I used a wipe on poly for sealing it. i only did one coat partly cause im impatient and second because i really wanted a flat look. 

*let dry and have your husband put it together while 4 kids and 1 wife try to help ;) 

Judah with his bed all done! 

(snickers just cause)
this is cruz's new smile haha when ever we get a camera out or our phones he does it haha

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Myriah Grubbs said...

Great job!!!! P.S. Where is all their stuff? My kids have so many toys in their room! :)

charis said...

great job! looks like a lot of work, but it turned out really good.

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Good Time Charlie said...

Just beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Brisbane Carpet said...

That's exactly what I look for the boys bed. Very cute and dandy. Thanks for sharing such inspiring work. What you've done was surely a remark.

Munir said...

I appreciate you for your great work and sooner i am going to buy a bunk bed for my kids room what to consider before purchasing I should keep in mind as I have heard that bunk beds are not safe for kids

drjigg1 said...

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bella said...

all bump beds for girls are so cute