Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our trip to san diego

Well two weeks ago we drove about 11 hours to san diego.  Our cousins wedding was down there so we all made the fun journey down there. I did the photography for it, my husband officiated it and our 3 year old daughter isabella was in it :) 

Ready to drive!! 

I must admit i was very nervous about the drive. the fact is that cruz cries a lot in the car just driving around town. so being in the car that long made me concerned haha. Gabe has been saying they were going to do great and dont worry! WELL they all did soo amazing i mean very amazing and yup my husband was right. Well and it did help that we had TONS of snakes and drinks and i saved the blues clues and suckers for emergencies. :) One thing i love is that the two older boys could pee in a water bottle if cruz was sleeping and we couldn't stop hahaa. oh the memories. :) :)

the kids after we stopped in bakersfeild for the night lol so happy to be out!

WE had rehersals the next night it was so fun to be in sand diego at sea port village. 

The wedding was beautiful and so fun riding around in low riding while driving around san diego taking pictures it was a blast. 

so the next day we surprised the kids with going to seaworld. and after 14 hours of being on my feet the day before i was ready for comfy clothes! so what better to wear then my favs! ;)

I love sea world and we went with my in laws and brother in law which made it so much better. we only had one real day to see them before we ha to go home to we soaked it all up :) 

i sat with the boys in the soak zone while we saw shamu it was so fun!!

Isabella got to go on her first ride :) she was soo excited 

Tea Cups (judah wanted to ride by him self) :)

I think cruz took every nap on his grandpa it was so sweet

the kids got to meet elmo :)

WE all had a great time :) 

So when sea world was all done we hopped in the car and had one more surprise for the kids before heading to Bakersfield then home in the morning. 
I had been looking for new chihuahua to add to our family and found one in la jolla so we picked her up and it was so ute when i showed the kids :) she became instant family :) 

on our drive home 

after we got home the next day her and peanut became fast friends :)

oh and i just had to show one of the pictures of isabella as a flower girl. (they carried starbucks cups as flower baskets cause that where they met :) ) 

SO it was a crazy fast trip but very fun!! 


Yana said...

These pictures make me feel like I went with you! So fun!
I love the shot of the kids on the lawn....crazy how time flies and kids grow. Wow.
Slow down.

Brisbane Carpet said...

You've pretty made me a trip on my own while going through all those cute photo shoots. That just perfectly look so fun, your kids look great sitting beside the aquarium glass. Blast!