Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my first

So i have wanted to start a home blog for a while now. I found my self wanting to write about my every day life such as cloth diapers and redoing furniture, just the every day life of me. i didn't think it was going to work to put that on my photography blog. So low and behold this will me my home/everything else blog :)

I have so many projects i want to do right now but since we are in between houses (staying with my amazing parents) i don't have access to all of those projects. there tied up in the garage of our soon to be new house just awaiting the close of escrow. They better watch out cause either my paint or sewing machine is coming after them very soon!

Well i do how ever have one cabinet i purchased while staying here. i got it for 30 dollars. all wood but the glass was broken totally fine with me since it was ugly glass anyways with those fake brown lines on them.

SO finally today after many days of kids being sick and rainy days i started to paint it!
here is the piece before

and here is the middle of the project with just the first coat of paint. there ar estill many parts that need to be done to it. but its a start!

I will keep you all posted on how it is going!


tam said...

welcome to home blogging leah! bless her home blog sweet jesus!

Katie Riddle said...

Loving this! <3

Robin Lawson said...

So glad you started a blog! I totally share your love of vintage things and love your new house. Can't wait to see it in person!

Anonymous said...

your totally gifted. I love the work you do.
and the neat finds.

Tammy Love.

leah mari said...

thank you so much ladies!
robin you will have to come see it when we get in