Thursday, January 27, 2011

Using dirt!?

So me and my hippie self was thinkin today, why cant i use dirt to give my furniture that "old farm i have been weathered look." i mean when you have a piece of furniture thats very weathered it most likely has dirt on it anyways. so i went out in the yard and got some moist dirt and moss. took a hand full of the dirt and rubbed it all over my hutch in the areas that i though would have it. and also where im going to be putting the crackle paint. so it would show through.

after dusting it off. it was time for the crackle paint... im only putting it on parts of the hutch. im going for the more natural look so i dont want a allover crackle. thank you barb over at knack
for the tips on using crackle paint. i only can hope it turns out even a 1/4 as nice as your pieces :-)

here it is after i added the top coat of white flat paint. This is my first time using crackle medium its very tricky!! you are only supposed to go over the crackle once with the top coat but some part didnt cover up, even though my brush was loaded with paint. so i had to quickly put more on. well the first part i did is so clumpy and messy lol. but after i sand it i think that it will actually achieve the very warn old farm hutch im looking for. there are still a couple things im going to do to it so its still in that middle of "im getting my hair done" look. haha

to be continued :D

on and look what i found today from craigslist. 3 of these crates for 25 dollars :) i am not a soda drinker but i am a sucker for crates. i think im going to use them as shelves.


Anonymous said...

wow.. completely AMAZING!!!!!

Tammy Love.

KatieJo said...

so cool leah!!!! Your awesome!!

Jen Johnston said...

Now this is the kind of stuff I used to spend all my free time doing (when I wasn't making quilts) when I only had Mark (who was NINE). How on earth do you find the time?!? haha I feel like all my creativity projects are on hold for the next 18 years. Okay, maybe not, but still...

leah mari said...

thanks ladies! its been so nice out the kids just play out side while i do it in the garage :)

Jenney said...

Wow Leah this is amazing. You have such creative ideas. I can't wait to see more!