Friday, January 28, 2011

shopping day :)

So i have been itching to get out and go shopping for new thing for the house. my hubby and i didnt give each other gifts this year for christmas so we could get stuff for the house. we were wanting to get new towels, new dishes and new flatware. Well today me and my younger two kids went out on our hunt! first we started at a wonderful store named Lulafaye (amazing antique store).

After that we went to a store called eppersons that is like a ross but for furniture and house things. well they had this set of dishes for 39 dollars from jcpennys the only thing that was wrong is it was missing a mug. (who cares lol) originally the set of 8 is 249 dollars. um can you say steal! and its ever thing i wanted in dishes!

well then i was thinking i prob need more than 8 so i got on jcpennys and they happen to be having a sale on those dishes instead of 249 they were 139. and i also ordered the serving dishes for the set.

then we got new towels and jcpennys was having there sale on all there stuff
this is a bad picture but we got cream and white

also here are some things i have collected at thrift stores and such over the last month. :) i cant wait to use it all.

....more to come from my hutch its almost done :-)


Jen Johnston said...

Oh you are having TOO much fun! haha I think Jesus loves you a lot. ;)

leah mari said...

yes he does :)

Anonymous said...


Tammy Love.

christie said...

perfect items.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love the white plates. The silverwear is really cool too!