Tuesday, January 25, 2011

so excited!

Im so excited to decorate our new house! hopefully escrow will close the first week of Feb. all though i will seriously miss staying with my parents i love them so much and its so fun seeing them all the time!

After looking for months for just the right house and the 4th house offer me made we found such a perfect house. It is like it was remodeled with me in mind. its a newer house but has old charm. less then 5mins from my boys school and just a couple more to my hubby's work. its not on land which we really wanted but i don't think its time yet for that (someday).

Many of you may know that im pretty much hooked on craiglist and ebay. Im always looking for my next deal! i check a few times a day either on my computer or on my iphone. (woohooo apple) currently im searching for a crystal chandelier for my soon to be office
this is what im looking for. actually one of the ones i lost the auction on. :(

but i did happen to find the chandelier for isabellas room and won that one.

and also a 1920-30's hanging light that i won on ebay. it needs rewiring but hopefully i can get it working :)

hopefully soon i will get to look around town and see if i can find that perfect chandelier. that wont break the bank! :)

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