Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sneak peak

So I have been working for a few days on the hutch that will grace our dinning area. Well folks I finished it today!! I took a few pictures with my big camera but it was in the garage and not the prettiest setting. So for now I am just going to tell you what I did to finish it and then a few sneak peak pictures :)

After the crackle paint was done I sanded it some all over with a fine paper and sanding square. And use the scraper to chip some paint off and put some dings in it. Then I used a rough sand paper to get more destessing. Once it looked how I liked it. I used wipe on poly all the piece. I gave it a couple coats with a rag and used a small brush to het it in the cracks. I had been debating if I should rib a stain on it. I tried part and disliked it a lot for what I was going for. So I took the little brush and put it in the cracks and wiped really fast! Then i thought why not mix some with the poly to delute it. It was perfect!
Here are the things I used.

I really wanted this piece to look chippy cracky and kinda dirty lol. Well since I used dirt to destress before the crackle it was all over the floor of my work space. Which actually helped in achieving that exact look. Cause when I was wiping on the poly some dirt got in it haha. I love it.

Next came the chicken wire. Pretty simple just cute it to size. And atach it. I kinda bent mine some cause I wanted it to be imperfectly perfect. (someday I hope to find vintage wire) but till then I put a little of this glaze on it

Then I got my knobs from world market.

Here are the sneak peak pictures (taken with my iPhone) till it gets in our house :) then the big reveal with the big momma camera so you can really see it!


tam lee x said...

It looks amazing :) I can't wait to see more photos!

Melissa said...

I love the knobs. I cant wait to see more of the hutch.

Jenney said...

It looks amazing! My dad was a cabinet maker and he would also build custom furniture. He would finish the most beautiful piece and then take a big heavy chain and beat the piece until it was distressed enough. Love the distressed look! I'm learning lots.